Archive Feb. 2011


The Miner’s Cubicle

This Week’s Photo – A Miner’s Cubicle Sure the hours were bad. Working conditions were deadly. And you would be at the mercy of the elements day-in and day-out….but not a bad view from your “desk” I must say! This is one of the many mines in the mountain town of Ironton, Colorado. These mines […]


Departing DIA

This Week’s Photo – Departing DIA Normally I do not give myself extra time at airports to walk around and take pictures. This could be due to the fact that I always have a knack for getting stuck with 8:00 am flights. On this particular early flight, I had the distinct pleasure of waiting out […]


Barn and the Fence

This week’s Photo – Barn and the Fence We have all scene this barn before, yes? And why not? That is an epic backdrop behind it. I had collected my sunrise pictures of the barn earlier in the day but I really wanted to get this fence in the foreground. So I had to revisit […]


Views From the Mile High

WELCOME TO THE BLOG This is a very exciting day. One that has been several months in the making. I am pleased to announce the launch of the Santomarco Photography blog! I created this blog as a way to share my photography to the general public that didn’t have access to photo-sharing sites like Flickr […]