Archive Mar. 2011


The Last Dollar Ranch

This Week’s Photo – The Last Dollar Ranch The views from the Last Dollar Ranch in Colorado – not bad, eh? The backdrop for this ranch has been featured in various advertisements and even a Super Bowl commercial. It is also the most common shooting location for the Malboro Man. Not that I care about […]


Supermoon Over Denver

This Week’s Photo – Supermoon Over Denver Lets just say this astronomical phenomena ¬†was a little disappointing. The claim was that the moon last night was going to be the biggest moon we have seen in nearly two decades – too bad it was a hazy night in Denver AND technically the moon was at […]


The Old Patriarch

This Week’s Photo – The Old Patriarch The park service doesn’t want you to find this tree. In fact, there used to be a road that drove past it decades ago. It has since been removed. How did I find this? I was given direction to this location from a mysterious, elderly man. I struck […]


Closer to the Edge

This Week’s Photo – Closer to the Edge Vancouver is a really beautiful city. Ocean, mountains, clouds, shores, and a great skyline surely keep things interesting. I was hoping to get some nice blue hour shots of the skyline but it proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated. I purchased a cheap $50 […]


The Twins

This Week’s Photo – The Twins When I review my images, they usually evoke some very pleasant memories. Out in the elements, listening to my iPod, and exploring the world with camera in tow is how I unwind. Unfortunately this was not one of those times. I had driven down to the Springs to catch […]