Archive Apr. 2011


The Perfect Balance

This Week’s Photo – The Perfect Balance The “Balanced Rock” at Garden of the Gods is a wildly popular location to photograph. Whether a seasoned pro or a 12 year old kid with a cell phone, this location has been photographed thousands and thousands of times. So here was the challenge – how to compose this […]


Happy Easter!

This Week’s Photo – The Great St. John’s Cathedral This church is quite the gem, just look at the architecture! It is actually 100 years old as of this year. When I was here, I pretended that I was in one of those famous churches Italy. I walked in here, breathed deeply, listen to the […]


Oxbow’s Bend

This Week’s Image – Oxbow’s Bend What’s in the name? Oxbow Bend is a “bend” or looping meander of the Snake River which has been cut off from the main channel. It resembles the oxbow used by the western pioneers. Or at least that’s what I’m told! This was one of my favorite spots in […]


Cloudy Days from Union Station

This Week’s Image – Cloudy Days from Union Station This is one of my favorite shots of Union Station in Denver. Sadly, they have removed all of the steel beams and overhangs due to recent renovations. I am already getting nostalgic looking at this view knowing I can never get it again! The great thing […]


16th Street on a Cold Winter’s Night

This Week’s Photo – 16th Street on a Cold Winter’s Night That was a bitterly cold night. I am looking down California street right at the Denver Convention Center. When its so cold out, people aren’t outside to see me partaking in  foolery like I was here – standing on the light rail tracks.


The Sunflowers of Summer

This Week’s Image – The Sunflowers of Summer Sunflowers are the best. And thousands of them in a field is quite a sight! I had originally shot this with my prime lens at a really low aperture, f/1.8 because I love that blured depth of field so much. The only problem was it was too […]


The Denver Art Museum

This Week’s Photo – The Denver Art Museum There is no easy way to compose this son of a gun – but it sure is fun. My eyes were bleeding sweet geometry after looking at the building for just a few minutes! This is the Denver Art Museum in Colorado. It is known for its […]


Rockies Opening Night

This Week’s Photo – Rockies Opening Night Spring is here! I might not exactly have an affinity for baseball – or at least the regular season for that matter. Why play a 162 game regular season anyway – that is an absurd amount of games. I mean, does one game in July mean anything? No. […]