Archive Jun. 2011


The Big Melt at Dream Lake

This Week’s Photo – The Big Melt at Dream Lake This was a very, very long morning. I had to leave my apartment at 1:15 am to make it for sunrise at Dream Lake. Knowing I was only going to make this trip once this year, I was nervously anticipating what would await me at […]


The Mile High City

This Week’s Photo: The Mile High City It only took me four tries to get this shot. All I wanted was a  morning shot of the Denver skyline and City Park with a few decent clouds! It seemed like every time I was here there was either no clouds, or it was just too hazy. […]


The Gentle Autumn Stream

This week’s photo – The Gentle Autumn Stream I used to get this overwhelming burden that I had to process and post all my pictures right after I took them – not anymore. I like to let my unprocessed files sit on my hard drive and let them become “ripe” almost like a nice little wine […]


The Bright Lights of New York in Vegas

This Week’s Photo – The Bright Lights of New York in Vegas This is one of my favorite shots I captured in Vegas. It is of the New York – New York Hotel right on the Las Vegas Strip. I finally returned home from seven days in Las Vegas for business travel. And let me […]