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The House that Stood Still

This Week’s Photo – The House that Stood Still Overcast, dreary skies might scare some people away but I love em’. They can create a striking atmosphere if your subject plays well off the flat lighting and gray skies. I came across this long forgotten barn and had to capture it one afternoon. This house […]


The Last Barn Standing

This Week’s Photo – The Last Barn Standing This little gem is only 5 minutes from where I live… and I don’t live anywhere near the country. Wild! Sadly, I don’t really know a whole heck of a lot about it. That’s something I love about Colorado. You can usually find some old barns only […]


The Sunflowers of Summer

This Week’s Image – The Sunflowers of Summer Sunflowers are the best. And thousands of them in a field is quite a sight! I had originally shot this with my prime lens at a really low aperture, f/1.8 because I love that blured depth of field so much. The only problem was it was too […]


Barn and the Fence

This week’s Photo – Barn and the Fence We have all scene this barn before, yes? And why not? That is an epic backdrop behind it. I had collected my sunrise pictures of the barn earlier in the day but I really wanted to get this fence in the foreground. So I had to revisit […]