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The Mile High Fireworks

This Week’s Photo: The Mile High Fireworks NFL football is back! What a relief after the summer-long lockout. This is a panoramic shot of the new Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium (formerly Invesco Field) and the Denver skyline in the background. I wanted to get a shot of the stadium fireworks so me and […]


The Mile High City

This Week’s Photo: The Mile High City It only took me four tries to get this shot. All I wanted was a  morning shot of the Denver skyline and City Park with a few decent clouds! It seemed like every time I was here there was either no clouds, or it was just too hazy. […]


The Bright Lights of New York in Vegas

This Week’s Photo – The Bright Lights of New York in Vegas This is one of my favorite shots I captured in Vegas. It is of the New York – New York Hotel right on the Las Vegas Strip. I finally returned home from seven days in Las Vegas for business travel. And let me […]



This Week’s Photo – Chicagoland After landing in Chicago, I had to hustle down to the end of the city in time to get some twilight skyline shots. This was taken out by the Alder Planetarium, which I think offers the best, most expansive views of the skyline. I was amazed by how many wedding […]


Supermoon Over Denver

This Week’s Photo – Supermoon Over Denver Lets just say this astronomical phenomena  was a little disappointing. The claim was that the moon last night was going to be the biggest moon we have seen in nearly two decades – too bad it was a hazy night in Denver AND technically the moon was at […]


Closer to the Edge

This Week’s Photo – Closer to the Edge Vancouver is a really beautiful city. Ocean, mountains, clouds, shores, and a great skyline surely keep things interesting. I was hoping to get some nice blue hour shots of the skyline but it proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated. I purchased a cheap $50 […]


Views From the Mile High

WELCOME TO THE BLOG This is a very exciting day. One that has been several months in the making. I am pleased to announce the launch of the Santomarco Photography blog! I created this blog as a way to share my photography to the general public that didn’t have access to photo-sharing sites like Flickr […]