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The Mile High Fireworks

This Week’s Photo: The Mile High Fireworks NFL football is back! What a relief after the summer-long lockout. This is a panoramic shot of the new Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium (formerly Invesco Field) and the Denver skyline in the background. I wanted to get a shot of the stadium fireworks so me and […]


Sports Authority Field at Mile High

This Week’s Photo – Farewell Invesco Field Sports Authority Field at Mile High… doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue does it? I guess that’s what Bronco fans and the public had originally said about “Invesco Field at Mile High” instead of simply, “Mile High Stadium.” It will take a season or two but I’m sure we […]


Purple Mountain Majesty

This Week’s Photo – Purple Mountain Majesty I don’t get it. When I meticulously plan my shots (day, time, weather forecast) I am usually thwarted by the much maligned weather Gods. I end up shooting scenes with very little drama and color. Like my trip last week up to Dream Lake at 1 o’clock in the morning. But sometimes […]


The Mile High City

This Week’s Photo: The Mile High City It only took me four tries to get this shot. All I wanted was a  morning shot of the Denver skyline and City Park with a few decent clouds! It seemed like every time I was here there was either no clouds, or it was just too hazy. […]


Happy Easter!

This Week’s Photo – The Great St. John’s Cathedral This church is quite the gem, just look at the architecture! It is actually 100 years old as of this year. When I was here, I pretended that I was in one of those famous churches Italy. I walked in here, breathed deeply, listen to the […]


Cloudy Days from Union Station

This Week’s Image – Cloudy Days from Union Station This is one of my favorite shots of Union Station in Denver. Sadly, they have removed all of the steel beams and overhangs due to recent renovations. I am already getting nostalgic looking at this view knowing I can never get it again! The great thing […]


16th Street on a Cold Winter’s Night

This Week’s Photo – 16th Street on a Cold Winter’s Night That was a bitterly cold night. I am looking down California street right at the Denver Convention Center. When its so cold out, people aren’t outside to see me partaking in  foolery like I was here – standing on the light rail tracks.


The Denver Art Museum

This Week’s Photo – The Denver Art Museum There is no easy way to compose this son of a gun – but it sure is fun. My eyes were bleeding sweet geometry after looking at the building for just a few minutes! This is the Denver Art Museum in Colorado. It is known for its […]


Rockies Opening Night

This Week’s Photo – Rockies Opening Night Spring is here! I might not exactly have an affinity for baseball – or at least the regular season for that matter. Why play a 162 game regular season anyway – that is an absurd amount of games. I mean, does one game in July mean anything? No. […]


Departing DIA

This Week’s Photo – Departing DIA Normally I do not give myself extra time at airports to walk around and take pictures. This could be due to the fact that I always have a knack for getting stuck with 8:00 am flights. On this particular early flight, I had the distinct pleasure of waiting out […]