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Oxbow’s Bend

This Week’s Image – Oxbow’s Bend What’s in the name? Oxbow Bend is a “bend” or looping meander of the Snake River which has been cut off from the main channel. It resembles the oxbow used by the western pioneers. Or at least that’s what I’m told! This was one of my favorite spots in […]


The Old Patriarch

This Week’s Photo – The Old Patriarch The park service doesn’t want you to find this tree. In fact, there used to be a road that drove past it decades ago. It has since been removed. How did I find this? I was given direction to this location from a mysterious, elderly man. I struck […]


Barn and the Fence

This week’s Photo – Barn and the Fence We have all scene this barn before, yes? And why not? That is an epic backdrop behind it. I had collected my sunrise pictures of the barn earlier in the day but I really wanted to get this fence in the foreground. So I had to revisit […]