The Twins

This Week’s Photo – The Twins

When I review my images, they usually evoke some very pleasant memories. Out in the elements, listening to my iPod, and exploring the world with camera in tow is how I unwind.

Unfortunately this was not one of those times. I had driven down to the Springs to catch sunrise and was only running on three or four hours of sleep. The Siamese Twins (pictured) were my last stop of the morning shoot. Foolishly, I opted to skip any kind of sustenance in a cockamamy attempt to save time cramming in as much morning photography as humanly possible. By this time, I was running on fumes (and slightly delusional) and had a nasty wipe out when I slipped on some loose gravel. Thankfully my camera gear was fine, my shoulder was not.

Today’s lesson: A nourished photographer is a productive photographer. And one with less band-aids the following day!