The Bright Lights of New York in Vegas

This Week’s Photo – The Bright Lights of New York in Vegas

This is one of my favorite shots I captured in Vegas. It is of the New York – New York Hotel right on the Las Vegas Strip.

I finally returned home from seven days in Las Vegas for business travel. And let me tell you, seven days in Vegas is too long – no matter what you are doing. I am still “coming to” from my comatose state of exhaustion and margarita hangovers. During off hours, I made it out to the Strip for some good old fashion night photography. Fact: Vegas is the most unfriendly place for photography – or at least serious photography (not random tourist-y snapshots).

Why Vegas is a photographer’s nightmare

Good luck and I mean good luck trying to set up your camera “rig” on the streets for night photography. If you can somehow manage to fight off the crowds of people endlessly swimming upstream against you at all times, you still need to fight of the much maligned, “Tripod Police.” Who are a baffling one-step ahead of you at every corner looking to crack skulls. If that wasn’t enough, Godspeed to you juggling, “The Drunks.” This group is surly, unpredictable and every one of them has to be a comedian when they walk by your camera. Weak.