Colorado Panoramic Photo Gallery

Colorado pANORAMIC AND PANORAMA PHOTOGRAPHS FEATURING IMAGES in and around the state of Colorado during all seasons

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Colorado Panoramic Photos

Sometimes the standard dimensions of a photograph simply can’t capture a grand scenic, you need to capture a larger viewpoint than what’s visible in the viewfinder. That’s when I employ panoramic photography. These are Colorado photos that have stitched together to make prints that are larger than a single photograph taken from a camera. Its a technique I often employ when capturing Colorado landscapes. The spread of a mountain range or aspen forest lend themselves to this type of crop. The detail is incredible and these types of images can be printed up to 5 feet long. Everything is just cooler in a 16:9 ratio anyway, right? They are commonly referred to as pano,panos,panoramas,panoramics, and stitched photographs.