Garden of the Gods Photo Gallery

Colorado photographs featuring images from the Garden of the Gods Park Park located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Garden of the Gods Photos

Nestled away in the foothills of Colorado Springs, The Garden of the Gods Park provides a striking contrast between red sandstone jutting outward from the Earth and the iconic Pikes Peak towering in the background. The park is popular for hiking, technical rock climbing, road and mountain biking and horseback riding. With over 15 miles of trails, it attracts more than two million visitors a year. The outstanding geologic features of the park are ancient sedimentary rock beds that were once deposited horizontally, but have been forced hundreds of feet upward caused by the uplift of the Pikes Peak massif. These hogback features include notable rock features such as the Kissing Camels, Balanced Rock, North Gateway Rock, Tower of Babel and The Siamese Twins. My favorite setting to photograph this park is in the early morning and in the winter after a fresh snow storm.