Snake River Overlook

Sunset at Snake River Overlook at the Grand Tetons

This Week’s Photo – Snake River Overlook

Many photographers have made the pilgrimage to Snake River Overlook at Grand Tetons National Park – the same view Ansel Adams made famous some 70 years ago. This was my first and only time and it was absolutely amazing.

There was another photographer at the same location that evening trying to wait out the dirty and overcast skies that had plagued most of the evening. About 20 minutes before sunset he said, “Eh, it ain’t getting any better. Good luck to you.” That was shear moments before the sky opened up and the colorful sun rays ripped through the sky.

I ran into the same photog the next morning and said, “Did you see that sunset last night!?” He snapped back, “Yeah. I saw it…… I was in my car. Thanks though.”