The Mile High Fireworks

Panoramic view of Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium fireworks during Denver Broncos NFL football game

This Week’s Photo: The Mile High Fireworks

NFL football is back! What a relief after the summer-long lockout. This is a panoramic shot of the new Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium (formerly Invesco Field) and the Denver skyline in the background. I wanted to get a shot of the stadium fireworks so me and another fellow photographer HansRico made our way down to Denver right before a Broncos preseason game.

I had scouted out this location earlier and I knew I wanted to get a panoramic shot of the skyline and stadium – WITH fireworks AND during blue hour. There were a lot of variables that had to go according to plan to pull of this shot. Thankfully the all the stars lined up that night! We shot this on a very bumpy overpass which added another degree of difficulty. This is a 6 shot, HDR panorama image. I also had to listen to the crowd’s reaction to anticipate the fireworks display when the team scored (only happened once). I also exposed two separate images for the car streaks which I intended to blend into the final result in addition to the fireworks. Four hours of post processing and I can say I am pleased with the final result.