The Big Melt at Dream Lake

This Week’s Photo – The Big Melt at Dream Lake

This was a very, very long morning. I had to leave my apartment at 1:15 am to make it for sunrise at Dream Lake. Knowing I was only going to make this trip once this year, I was nervously anticipating what would await me at the lake. Unfortunately, there were no clouds and little color. But I tried to make the most of it by exploring the rest of the lake, there were some really cool finds like this – a 20 foot ice/snow shelf still melting in the end of June!

I ran into other photographers, there that same morning. They too share the same crazed notion that we will somehow find ourselves at the base of the lake for that once and a life time shot with all of the weather elements perfectly aligned. I am starting to sound like some kind of cult leader with these delusions of grandeur.

Got to love Colorado though. The morning I am bundled up for 30 degree weather, circumnavigating snowy trails – only to find myself tanning at the pool in 90 degree weather just a few hours after.