The Last Dollar Ranch

This Week’s Photo – The Last Dollar Ranch

The views from the Last Dollar Ranch in Colorado – not bad, eh? The backdrop for this ranch has been featured in various advertisements and even a Super Bowl commercial. It is also the most common shooting location for the Malboro Man. Not that I care about cigarette ads, but you can imagine this place is quintessential cowboy land.

Those who follow my regularly follow my photo updats are probably familiar with my biggest pet peeve – cloudless skies. Can’t stand them! They are the culprit for harsh lighting and lack of drama in the sky – no thank you. But, since we can’t control the weather (yet), here are my tips for getting around this scenario.

Tips for shooting cloudless skies:

1. Include as little sky in the shot as possible. Seems obvious right? But instead of placing the horizon at the top third’s mark, move it as high as you can. This composition will make the viewer get a more intimate feel of the land and remove the unnecessary empty space created by a cloudless sky.

2. Don’t over saturate the blue sky. I know it might be tempting to give the bland space some needed punch – be careful. By saturating the sky, you are attracting the viewer’s attention to an already boring sky – the emphasis should be on the landscape now (assuming you composed it with my first tip). Keep the viewers interest and eyeballs focused within the landscape.