The Miner’s Cubicle

This Week’s Photo – A Miner’s Cubicle

Sure the hours were bad. Working conditions were deadly. And you would be at the mercy of the elements day-in and day-out….but not a bad view from your “desk” I must say!

This is one of the many mines in the mountain town of Ironton, Colorado. These mines made their wealth from silver and lead at first and then gold was discovered in the later years.┬áThe gold found mines a new source of wealth, but it came at a cost. As the mines went deeper, under ground water became a problem. The water also contained high levels of sulphuric acid that corroded the miner’s equipment. The water could not be pumped from the mines at a cost that was economical to the owners. If the water was present, mining could not continue. The mines eventually shut down in the 1960’s.