The Old Patriarch

This Week’s Photo – The Old Patriarch

The park service doesn’t want you to find this tree. In fact, there used to be a road that drove past it decades ago. It has since been removed.

How did I find this? I was given direction to this location from a mysterious, elderly man. I struck a conversation with this man the day before as we talked about the park and all its scenic locations. On a whim, I had asked him about this tree I had seen before online and did my best to explain what it looked like. “Ah ha!” he said. “I know exactly where that is. Do you want me to show you?”

Sure enough, he slowly hobbled into his RV and came out with this impressively large topographic map of the park. “There!” he said, pointing his finger on the gigantic map. “Oh i see…..” I didn’t have a clue to what he was talking about and how the heck to interpret his intimating map. I am from the Y-Generation grandpa – I use Google Maps! After about 20 minutes of him explaining it to me, I was able to find it the next day. Respect to the old school.