The Sunrise at Dream Lake

A summer sunrise at Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.

This Week’s Photo – The Sunrise at Dream Lake

This is one of those pictures I will only attempt once a year. It took a herculean effort to stay up all night, leave my place at 1:15 a.m., bang out a sleepless 3 hour drive to RMNP, and then hike another hour in the complete darkness to make it in time for the 5:30 sunrise at Dream Lake. (Un)luckily my brother volunteered (held captive) and joined me for the drive and the hike. What a swell guy! I still think I am recovering from that disturbance in my sleep cycle nearly a month later. I was surprised to see there was still an impressive amount of snow and runoff up at the lake, even for early July.

I was anticipating that large rock in the foreground would be protruding from the water but no dice. To help add depth to the image, I used my circular polarizer filter to make the rock “pop out” even though it was completely submerged and barely visible.