The Gentle Autumn Stream

This week’s photo – The Gentle Autumn Stream

I used to get this overwhelming burden that I had to process and post all my pictures right after I took them – not anymore. I like to let my unprocessed files sit on my hard drive and let them become “ripe” almost like a nice little wine collection. Then when I am in the mood, I will dig into my library and pull up a series of images that fits the state of mind I am in…like this photo of a calm stream running through the mountains.

This image taken during a fall workshop class I attended last year that was ran by Colorado landscape photographer, Andy Cook. If I recall, this was taken near Red Mountain Pass in Ouray, Colorado. It was a great week and I took hundreds of images that I knew would take months to get to – which gets back to my earlier point of not feeling rushed to “push” the images out immediately.


All post-processing adjustments were made in Adobe Camera RAW: color correction, contrast, and exposure adjustments. The scene had a little more rock in it than I would have liked, but I tried my darnedest to compose the shot with a zigzagging Z-line that starts in the bottom left corner, and moves up and to the top right.